Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Knock, Knock

Betcha think I have a knock, knock joke for you.  Nope.  That was the sound we heard at the front door this morning.  The UPS man usually doesn't knock, but he did today.  Maybe it was because it was drizzling outside and he didn't want my package to get wet.  Or maybe he knew that we were anxiously awaiting its arrival.

I am excited beyond words at what showed up on our doorstep this morning . . . it's a CAMPING CART!  Sorry to yell, but dad-gum-it, we are gonna love having this at the Blue Ridge Rally next week.  Except for the Made in China part, this is going to be one cool camping accessory! It's blue to coordinate with me, it folds compactly to fit in Splish's truck bed, and Momma Sharon has already thought of half a dozen ways to use it at Big Meadow.

Timber Ridge Camping Wagon
A cover holds everything in place
Velcro straps keep it tightly folded

My Uncle Rob has a cart that he takes when they go to the beach and Pod told me that they haul all kinds of stuff back and forth.  Miss Crystal has a cart too and Daisy told me it was Packer green and yellow.  So this idea of a camping cart is nothing new.  And you know how my Camper Mom will snitch a good idea in a heartbeat!

Unfolded and ready for a test drive

Murphy was out on the deck with Mom, supervising everything, so it is only fitting that she got to test it out.  I have my doubts that she would actually sit still long enough to be strolled around the campground. She had her 6th-month check-up with her doctor this morning, so Mom has been snapping photos of her today to celebrate great test results.

That's our camping pup who will be with us at the Blue Ridge Rally
Murphy giving it a paws up

The wheels on the cart are heavy duty and will roll well over Big Meadow's gravel.  The construction is sturdy, there's a rigid bottom that folds up and stores in a side pocket, and it has a handle for pulling it around when loading and unloading in Splish.

Welcome to our camping family little cart!

Knock, knock.  Who's there?  RU.  RU who?  Are you as excited about the Blue Ridge Rally as I am? With that silly joke and my Camping Cart Story, I will see ya later.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Camping Carts"

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