Sunday, April 2, 2017

Consolation Prize

Happy Sunday everyone!  It's a gorgeous day here in the NC Foothills as Spring is making herself known in a grand way.

I think Momma Sharon is feeling a bit embarrassed about the April Fools joke she played on me yesterday.  So in an attempt to make up for it, today she told me that she actually did have something for me. A "Spring gift" is what she called it.  

I think it should be called a "Spring cleaning gift" and I'm not so sure how to take this consolation prize of hers.  I know she means well, and I do know she loves me, but . . . . 

In all fairness, we did battle the mosquitos and bugs at the Fabulous Frolic down in South Carolina at the end of February.  Out of frustration one evening, she accidentally smushed a mosquito on my fabric ceiling.  It left a small blood spot (that she's yet to clean off) that I'm not too crazy about.

In her mind, this Black & Decker portable vacuum is the perfect bug-sucker-upper at night so we can avoid nasty smushes on my ceiling and bug bites on her.  So, er, thanks Mom.

"Peace, Love, & Consolation Prizes"

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