Friday, March 14, 2014

Over-The-Fire Grill

Well it's taken me one whole month to wrestle the computer away from Momma Sharon!  Because she is in full-blown Blue Ridge Rally mode, I successfully snitched it just now.

With the rally a mere 40 days away for the Early Birds and 43 days away from its official start, she is making those lists she's so fond of and working on every single detail to make sure the 7th Annual BRR is the best one yet.

Today when we she got home from a quick belated birthday celebration with Jessie, she saw a big box leaning against the wall at the front door!  It's the Lumberjack Over-The-Fire Grill she ordered for our big Early Bird Community Grill on Monday night at the rally.  Woohoo . . . I can almost smell the hot dogs and chicken and steak on the grill now!!

It's a beauty of a grill for sure.  It has legs that fold when being stored and sit outside the fire pit when being used.  The holes in the grill are small enough to keep food from falling through onto the coals. Plus it's HUGE . . . 36" by 18" and that will handle a lot of food that the Blue Ridgers bring to grill.

My guess is that I'll be able to get back to some regular posting now that camping season is just around the corner.  So check by every now and then to see what's up with me and my Blue Ridge Momma!!

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