Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Hey Hey From James Island

Hey campers . . . Splash here reporting in from James Island County Park. Momma Sharon is having trouble getting on Postcards, so I told her to let me have the computer reins for a little while.  

I am having a fantastic time on my Spring break here in South Carolina. The only thing that would make it better is if Cousin Pod was closer to me. He's over in another loop of the campground and I haven't talked to him since we were on the road together last Friday.

Momma Sharon is having a terrific time with all her T@Bbin' buddies and has said that this is the best campground she's ever stayed in.  I would have to agree that it's pretty sweet . . . bike trails, dog park, picnic shelters, playground, lake, paddle boats, fishing pier, and more.  I'm pretty sure that once we get home next week, she's going to do a whole Postcard on the campground alone.

This morning, she went with Aunts Becky and Trisha and Uncle Rob to The Lost Dog Cafe for breakfast and then they walked down to the pier.  Rob snapped a photo of my Camper Mom and it's so evident that she's one happy camper!  

Thanks for stopping by today to see if I had any Stories to tell.  I gotta give a T@B Tour so I'll chat with you later!!

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