Monday, August 6, 2012

Pretty As A Picture

Woohoo...two Stories in two days!  Thanks for coming back around for another SplashT@B Story.....I really appreciate it.

My Camper Mom is exceptionally right-brained.  Translated, that means she loves to create stuff.  She never gets tired of taking my picture and lately she's been using an app on her iPad called "Pencil Sketch HD" to make me look extra classy and unique!

Here I am camping recently at Spruce Pine Campground...

And here I am again camping at New River State Park...

I'm sure that she'll be making more this week and I'll get her to give me a few more to post.  Maybe she'll do some of my best buddies too.  I guess you'll just have to come back again to see if you are here!

Have a good week everyone!  SplashT@B over and out.

"Peace, Love & Camping"


  1. R&T's Pod writes......

    Oh wow, love the pencil sketches of you. And you got to make two posts in two days too! Be sure to tell Sharon "Thanks" for the sketches she did of me too!!

  2. Hey Pod...

    I'll include your photo when I feature some others this week. Thanks for the comment.....I miss you!