Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry T@B Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my T@B brothers and sisters and all my T@DA cousins!  For those of you up in Alaska and Canada, I hope your camper moms and dads are keeping you dry and warm.  For all of you out in sunny California, I hope your moms and dads are letting you get lots of Vitamin D.  For all of you down in Florida and places like Texas and Arizona, I hope they parked you in a great campground and you got to enjoy a little holiday!

I spent my Christmas Day here in Newton, safe and sound in my T@B-port.  I watched Momma Sharon pick up Aunt Becky and Uncle Roger, load up the Pilot (my tow vehicle) with food and presents and head down to South Carolina for the day.

I'll never forget my first Christmas.  It didn't actually happen in December, but it was still pretty special.  My Camper-Mom gave me presents in April after she brought me home and they were sweeeeeet!  They all matched my splashy lime green and blue exterior.  And five years later, I'm still using them.  Here's what I got...

A Set of Towels And Wash Cloths

A Splashy Beach Towel

My Very Own Set Of Kitchen Utensils

Two Retro Eating Trays

Matching Silverware And Cups

A Big Serving Tray With Handles

Two Sets Of Party Lights For My Awning

Now you can see why I was so excited!  If your camper moms and dads love you as much as my Momma Sharon does, then I know you've gotten some really cool stuff  too!

So Merry Christmas to you all and Happy New Year too!!  Love, SplashT@B

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  1. You crack me up, but TabbyChic got a new yellow crock pot for Christmas this year! All set for a great pot liuck!