Saturday, December 3, 2011

Where I Live

When Camper-Mom Sharon brought me home, she took me to her house.  I think she was hoping I might fit in the carport, but that wasn't going to happen because the fan on my roof was too tall.  So for a while, I just sat in the driveway.  That was actually pretty cool since she could go in and out and do her decorating with all the lime green and blue stuff she bought for me!

I know I was in the way and Momma Sharon was getting tired of playing fruit-basket-turnover with the cars, so she had a conversation with my Aunt Becky about moving me to her house.  They struck a deal and I went to live in Dogwood Hills.

After a year of living there and having to endure really hot summers and really cold winters with no protection, she told me she wished I had a roof over my head.  That first winter was really scary because of all the heavy snow that was on top of me!

So when spring rolled around, Camper-Mom Sharon talked to Aunt Becky about building a little T@B-port for me...and Becky said it was OK.  So now I have protection during all the seasons! 

And that's the story about where I live!  I really, really like being at Aunt Becky's except I don't get to see my Camper Mom every day like before.  But living in my T@B-port is a good trade off and it makes her happy too.

SplashT@B #2487
"Peace, Love & Camping"

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