Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My First Rally

Hey everyone...Happy New Year!

Thanks for checking back in to see if I have another story to tell.  I do!  It's the story of my very first T@B rally way back in May of 2007.  It was call the "Jamestown 1607 Rally" and it was held in Williamsburg, VA at the American Heritage Campground.

Momma Sharon loves Williamsburg, so it didn't surprise me that she was considering pulling me all the way to Virginia!  I gotta tell you that she was pretty nervous, but she did fine.  She felt comfortable pulling me about 60 mph on the interstate and that was a safe speed for us.  Aunt Becky also got in on the driving and she did a good job too!

It was my first rally and it was fun to meet some of my T@B brothers and sisters from the East coast.  Momma Sharon and Aunt Becky had fun meeting people that they had chatted with on some Forum on the computer.  I think all they talk about on that 'puter is us!  And that's how she found out about this rally.

She had a hard time backing me up into my site, but with the help of her friend Sandra, she got me all squared away.  I was decked out in my new awning and party lights and she even put out blue chairs that matched me perfectly.  I think I was the coolest looking T@B there!

The first night everyone gathered around us for a wine and cheese party and Momma Sharon heard the word "modifications" for the first time.  People were showing off the changes and improvements they had made to us and she was taking notes like crazy!

On Saturday morning, all our humans walked around from trailer to trailer, peeping inside to see how we were decorated and they talked about those modifications that I told you about.  Momma Sharon got really excited about two of them....hinges to hold my cabinet doors open so she didn't have to prop them open with her head (LOL!) and another big hinge on the storage lid under the cushion.  I'll tell you a little secret....she didn't get around to actually making them for me for another year or two.

A lady named Cindy Davidson organized this rally for us and here's a picture of her T@B.  It doesn't look like me at all!  It's got red trim and red fire bolts everywhere.  That's her up there in the blue jacket beside Sandra.

On Saturday night, all our owners left us for a bit and took food to a potluck supper.  I found out that this is pretty traditional at a rally and seems to be held on the last night of a rally.  Momma Sharon said there are some pretty good cooks and the food was plentiful.  

Everyone left on Sunday, but I got to stick around until Tuesday....remember I told you that my Camper-Mom loves Williamsburg?!  I forgot to tell you that Murphy the Camper Dog got to come along too.  She likes to camp, but I think she's a Barky Von Schnauzer myself.

I really, really, really enjoyed my first rally and it was the beginning of some great camping trips in the years to come.  But those are stories that I'll wait and tell you later.  Thanks for stopping by to hear about my very first rally...see ya later!

SplashT@B #2487
"Peace, Love & Camping"


  1. Thanks for the look back Splash! It's great to see where this all began with you....T@bby Chic will be jealous to know you have your own blog....but for now it's going to have to be that way!

  2. Hey Sandi...tell Miss T@bby Chic I can't wait to see her again and thanks for stopping by to hear one of my stories!

  3. I hope you don't mind me asking a question after all this time, but I just discovered your blog today and have been reading it all day!

    I want to go to Williamsburg, but we'll be traveling with our dogs. How do you make that work? Take turns going into places while one person stays with the dogs? Or do you dogs stay well in Spl@shTab while you're away? We're about to buy our T@b and I can't wait!

  4. Hi Patricia...when we camped in Williamsburg, my sister and I took turns watching Murphy when going in and out of places. I never leave my pups in the T@B when camping, so we build the tag team approach into our visiting time. Good luck with your T@B purchase and thanks for reading Splash's Stories. Sharon