Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Road 5 - Fifth Avenue

Howdeeeee!  Welcome back for another Story From The Holler.

One of the neat things about Raccoon Holler Campground is how well the seasonal trailers merge with the ones like me that stay for a few days or maybe even a week.  Most of the roads (there are 6 of them) have a combination of the two.  But there's one exception . . . Road 5.  They refer to themselves as Fifth Avenue.

The pups and Momma Sharon took a stroll along Fifth Avenue on Friday morning with camera in hand.  She took several dozen snaps of the gardens, the decor, the back yards, and anything that grabbed her attention.  And there was a lot of that.  Those folks take camping to a whole 'nuther level!!  Here's what I mean . . . 

Those folks are a real social bunch too.  They visit and play cards and have parties and ride around in their golf carts and eat potluck suppers together.  At night their campsites are lit up like Christmas.  It's a sight to behold, that Fifth Avenue.

Well I'm happy being a little 16-footer with my simple Splashy decor. I appreciate you stopping by for a Story about the other side, the Fifth Avenue side of camping in The Holler.  Come on back tomorrow and I'll tell you another Tale.  Until then, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Camping In The Holler"

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