Friday, August 5, 2016

Raccoon Holler Stories - The Final Chapter

Mornin' Campers!  I have one last Story to tell you about camping in The Holler last week with Momma Sharon and then I will close this Book.  I always have a whole bunch of leftover tidbits that don't quite fall into any one Story, so that's where I'll share with you today.

Swinging frog that lives with Pod next door
Very last sticker that will fit on my door!
The ONLY meal eaten out all week
Me, Momma Sharon & our Camping Pups
Gotta find a new place for stickers - my door is full!
Chef Rob's cheeseburger topped with Mom's potato chips
Seafood in the mountains - pretty yummy leftovers
Four new stickers for Yeti
Time to close out another fine day of camping
Catching Baby Gracie in a sleepy yawn
Murphy the Camper Dog having a picnic at Elk Knob State Park
We heard the Pina Colada Song every single time we got in Levi

With these leftover snapshots, it's time for me to close this final chapter of my Raccoon Holler Stories. I really appreciate you coming by to hear my Camping Tales.  Now it's time to turn my attention to getting ready for the MD DOG later this month where we will join the Camp Dutch Oven Chefs for some cooking and camping.  

Until it's Story Time again, always remember . . . 

"Peace, Love, & Camping"

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