Friday, December 14, 2012

The Perfect Tree For Me

Can you believe it?  Two SplashT@B Stories in two days . . . woohoo!  I'm full of Christmas cheer!!

Momma Sharon and Wendy went to Asheville today and shopped at one of her favorite places downtown on Broadway called L.O.F.T.  That stands for Lost Objects, Found Treasures.  It's a funky place that's really crowded and has so much stuff it's hard to see it all.  You might not find something you need, but you'll definitely find something you want!

My Camper Mom didn't buy anything, but she took a photo of a Christmas tree that she said would be perfect for me.  Boy oh boy was she right!!  Take a gander at this . . . 

I've got lots of little camper ornaments that would be outstanding and if she threw in some peace signs, I would have the coolest Christmas tree in the whole campground!

If you drop back by next week, you'll see the new winter design for my Stories.  Merry Christmas y'all and remember . . . 

"Peace, Joy, Love & Camping!"

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