Friday, November 2, 2012

Red Sky In The Morning...

Hey everyone...happy Friday!  I hope you've had a great week and are ready for a big weekend full of fun.  I thought I would go back through Momma Sharon's photo album from our recent Natchez Trace Caravan and tell you the Story of a really scary day we had on Sunday, October 15th.

We all really hated leaving Trace State Park in Tupelo, MS because it was such a great campground.  But the Trace was calling us and it was time to move on south.  I woke up to strange colors in the sky that morning and knew immediately it wasn't a good sign.  I'll take a little liberty with the old saying, but you'll get my drift....."Red sky in the morning, T@Bs take warning."

T@B-rific's Papa Rich came over to the campground early to tell us that they weren't going to be able to travel with us because Momma Sue was in the hospital.  That really scared me and I was sad that we had to leave them behind.  That red sky warning was starting to come true!

About an hour down the road, the skies opened up and I drove into a terrible downpour.  The sky was dark, the wind was blowing, and I was nervous just like Momma Sharon because we were leading the caravan.

And to make matters worse, I had to go through a totally creepy part of the Trace where the big tornado last year wiped out acres of trees.  It didn't help that I was traveling under a tornado warning at that very moment!!  But we made it through the storm OK.

All the rest of the day the roads underneath me were wet and I got pretty dirty from all the spray coming up on me.  I'm kinda like my Camper Mom and don't like to get wet or dirty.....LOL.

We finally pulled into our campground for the evening and it turned out to be just as creepy as the whole day had been.  All the trashcans had "NO FISH GUTS" painted on them, there were dead squirrel carcasses hanging in the tree limbs, the bathhouse had a security gate on the door, there were gunshots off in the distance, the mosquitos were eating Aunt Becky alive, Momma Sharon found a dead snake, and it rained out our campfire.  I was afraid that Rosie and RT were going to take off and leave me behind because they weren't too happy to be there.

But we were all there together safely with our folks, we knew that T@B-rific's mom was OK, there was a decent internet signal, and we didn't hear banjoes playing.  "Red sky in morning" indeed!!

Thanks for checking in to see if I had another Story to tell you.....that makes me smile!!  Have a groovy weekend y'all and remember..

"Peace, Love & Camping!"

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