Sunday, April 1, 2012

First Camping Trip Of 2012

Hey campers and friends!  SplashT@B here, fresh from my first camping trip of 2012.  My Camper-Mom hitched me up to the Pilot this past Friday and we took off for Mayberry.  Yep, that Mayberry that you remember with Andy, Opie, Aunt Bea and Barney!

Well.....actually we went to a town about an hour and a half from where I live, called Mt. Airy.  This happens to be the home place of Andy Griffith and the whole town has gone Mayberry crazy.  They even named the campground where we stayed after Mayberry. 

I picked out a very nice site (#18) on Barney Fife Blvd and saved the spot right next to me for my friend, R & T's Pod.  That cute little R-pod lives with Momma Sharon's cousins, Rob and Trisha, and we've camped with them a bunch.

It's a good thing that the weather was pleasant because this place doesn't have's kinda new.  I got to wear a set of my new awnings and they kept my insides nice and cool for Aunt Becky and the pups.  That's right...Murphy the Camper Dog and Baby Gracie came along with me this time.  Murphy gets on my nerves sometimes because she barks a lot.  Gracie woofs every once in a while, so she's not as loud.

It was nice having Rob and Trisha next door and Momma Sharon and Aunt Becky chatted with them and ate with them and even watched a basketball game on TV with them.  On Saturday they all went downtown to check out the shops and stuff.  That gave me and the Pod time to hang out.

Momma Sharon bought me something really special on Saturday and Rob installed it in me...a brand new battery!  My old one was kinda rusty and nasty and really didn't work for me any more.  Now I'm good to go!

I love having my picture taken and here's a couple more of me from the campground...

Momma Sharon and I will spend the rest of the month getting ready for our big do-da...the Blue Ridge Rally...where I'll get to meet and greet 43 of my brothers and sisters coming in from all over the east coast for 5 days of camping fun!

Thanks for stopping by to let me tell you the story of my first camping trip this year.  If you drop back by tomorrow, I'll show you the collage that my Mom made for me.  See ya then!

"Peace, Love & Camping"


  1. Hey there Splash, I really enjoyed camping beside you again and getting to catch up on all the goings-on since we last camped. Glad you got a new battery. Look forward to seeing you again at the BBR. Rob says we are camping beside you there too.

    1. Forgot to sign my name. -R&T's Pod

  2. We stayed at that campground on our travels through the area. What a nice family who runs it. They were just starting to work on expanding the campground, and were supposed to be putting in a larger bath house. The town was charming and lots of fun to explore. Nice to see another T@B there!